I was born in Windhoek, Namibia. I see myself as a pale native of this beautiful country.

I originally started my creative journey as a painter and illustrator. I have had numerous art exhibitions over the past few years. Although I was introduced to photography in my late teens, I only began to pursue it actively many years later.

I need to be creative. It is a vital means of balance from the expected activities performed every day. I believe that creating images has opened my eyes to the world in a way that very little else can. The simple act of looking for new locations, themes and concepts has made me aware of the smallest details in my immediate world. Like seeing the world through a child’s eyes.

Concepts are conceived as I drive the car, daydream or when I read a book. Artists such as painters and photographer’s inspire me, as do large-scale film productions with lavish sets and captivating visuals.

I am drawn to surrealism and making the impossible appear possible, if only for a moment. I am drawn to darker images thereby evoking moods of mystery, sadness, and loss. These images may carry a message or are merely a means for me to express my own fears and emotions. Yet, the next moment I will just as easily glorify in the colourful, losing myself in a rainbow palette of possibilities and hope.

I am fond of capturing motion in my photograph’s adding a dynamic to an otherwise still scene; this may be due to my inability to stay still for long. I am constantly in motion both mentally or physically. I teach and practice yoga as means to still my mind and challenge my body.

Believe. Dream. Hope